The ultimate breakfast food from a not-so healthy industry

Low carb breakfast ideas

It's no secret eggs could almost be called a super-food. Eggs contain high quality protein and are low in carbs. Despite a bad rap in the past for being high in cholesterol, a large egg contains up to 212mg of cholesterol. That's a lot compared to other foods. But it's since been proven that it's actually good cholesterol. What's so good about eggs? Eggs actually raise HDL … [Read more...]

The Humble Wrist Watch. Then, and Now.

Patek Philippe

Watches, like many things olde worldly are back in vogue, and then some. The advent of so-called smart watches haven’t taken of like experts expected. People have become somewhat tech’d out. There’s just too much tech. To add another devices to your wrist, adding to your already ageing cupboard collection of out-dated devices, it seems men are returning to something more … [Read more...]